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Tremendous! I was a little bit nervous at the beginning and I ended up with the satisfaction that during one day I managed to do so many things, including an interview in English. The fact that I went home with four new good friends made the experience even more beautiful!"

Student  Neagu Ioan Georgian,  Colegiul Economic Virgil Madgearu, Ploiesti, Romania


“I had a unique opportunity to get to know business volunteers, to work with them in shaping our business idea and to find out information about the work force market. In addition, I have earned a valuable experience for my future professional development.”

Student Apostol Iuliana, Colegiul Naţional Ion Luca Caragiale, Ploiesti, Romania

“On Saturday, at the European Creativity and Innovation Challenge, Ploieşti, I had one of the most interesting experiences in my life so far. I had the opportunity to interact with teenagers with different behaviors, attitudes, personalities and professional readiness, but deeply alike from the point of view of curiosity and ingenuity. I heard amazing ideas and I understood the real meaning of the team building concept; I was impressed with all those eyes always staring at me questioningly. I appreciated their fair play spirit, energy and involvement. And if, until last week, I thought the Romanian education system was going in the wrong direction, now I strongly believe that the younger generations may become exceptional with a little bit of help from us.”

Business volunteer  Ioana Hanganu,  Gebrüder Weiss, Romania

“The attendance of the event on Saturday represented an experience as pleasant as it was exciting. The advice given to our younger friends, students from 10th and 11th grade, distinguished this challenge from others and brought more joy and confidence regarding the close future. I am proud to have had the opportunity to participate in this event, to meet so many valuable teenagers, so many wonderful people.”

Business volunteer Laura Alina Dezsi, Coca Cola HBC Romania

“This was a wonderful day- it gave us the opportunity to meet with new people within the world of business, to test our skills in creativity and presentation...it gave us a lot. Now we can better imagine how such international companies run their business, in the future we would like to be the managers that we have seen today.”

Student Martin Kubala, Slovakia

“We were amazed by the creativity of young people”.

Jury Member Tom Aelbrecht,
Associate Director Healthcare Technologies & Business Support Janssen Pharmaceutica)

Such initiatives are very useful for the students who want to develop in the sphere of economy and entrepreneurship. We learn how to communicate with people we don’t know and have met barely an hour ago. The challenge was challenging indeed, we were also challenged by the limited time we had. This urged us to be innovative and creative.”

Student Margarita Stoycheva, National High School in Finance and Business, Bulgaria

"The competition is amazing and is my second most interesting experience this year. Our group managed to work very well as a team, I would never have expected this in such a short time."

Student Evgeni Kirilov,  Anglo-American School of Sofia, Bulgaria

 “I am part of this initiative for the first time and I am very pleased. I had the great opportunity to meet many young people from other schools and I think this should become a tradition. The greatest challenge was to get to know each other in our team and to get used to working together. Getting people together to work on a project is entirely different from getting them together to hang out in the cafeteria. I was lucky that I had intelligent people on my team who know what they wanted to achieve. The challenge was difficult but this gave us the chance to unite all our ideas.”

Student Boyana Buyuklieva,  Anglo-American School, Bulgaria

“I am very impressed by how the whole event is organized. The ideas of the young people are very fresh and we got what we wanted with the challenge we posed. It made students think in various directions and suggest various solutions. We gave a challenge that HP Bulgaria faces in reality and we are really happy that young people will give us their innovative views on how we should develop our volunteer initiatives. We want to give society the opportunity to tell us what it needs from us.”

Business Volunteer Anelia Stankova,  HP Bulgaria

"This is a bunch of extremely talented young people who are willing to create and are very involved in solving the challenge. I am very happy that I also managed to help with my professional knowledge. I was very impressed that there was not a single idea that repeated the idea of another team. I also liked the fact that many of the ideas reflect some of the tendencies which are underway in Bulgaria in the CSR sector.”

Business Volunteer Ognian Gadoularov,  Develor Bulgaria

Time is money and often it is possible to learn and have fun”
“It was great team work”
“I’m surprised by business advisor’s skills. They have a key role!”
“I’ve improved my communication skills”
“I’ve learnt what teambuilding is and the difficulties of really doing it”

Italian students participating in the ECIC project