Sci-Tech Classroom Visit

The Sci-Tech Challenge Classroom Visit provides practical information and knowledge about the energy sector. It helps to identify Maths, Science and Technology (MST) education and career goals based on a students skills, interests and values.
Students have the chance to interact with a role model from the energy industry and learn more about the sector and MST-related career opportunities.
Following participation in the Sci-Tech Challenge Classroom Visit programme students will:

  • understand the nature of the business and environmental challenges facing  the energy industry today
  • explore the skills and competences which are necessary in order to meet these challenges
  • meet adult role models with Math-Science-Technology and Engineering (MST) skills who can stimulate young people’s interest in such occupations and future career possibilities in the industry.

Employee volunteers from ExxonMobil conduct classroom activities with the teacher’s help which help raise young people’s awareness not only about today’s business and energy challenges but about how critical MST skills are to addressing those challenges. The activity runs during 1 school lesson (45-60 minutes).