What is it about?

  Social enterprise is an important development in the face of today’s huge socio-economic challenges.  It’s a leap beyond responsible business to new, innovative social solutions.  The European Commission has long sought to encourage business to be more responsible about the social and environmental consequences of their choices and activities. And therefore this year they are launching a Social Business Initiative, promoting social enterprises across Europe.

Social Enterprise is gaining momentum worldwide as companies and entrepreneurs are adapting to new ways of doing business, applying their skills and ingenuity to solve social problems in sustainable ways. Educating young people to be successful social entrepreneurs is an important part of spreading the word and building new opportunities for the future.

The Social Enterprise Programme will bring the worlds of education, training, skills, work and community closer together to inspire and recognize young social entrepreneurs. It's aim is to increase the pool of potential social entrepreneurs by providing access to education in social enterprise to young people age 15-18 across Europe – we call it the “JA-YE Social Enterprise Programme”.