Examples of Social Business


Country based examples of social business concepts: 


Italy                       Medical center which provides high-level specialised assistance to people in need, particularyl in areas which are poorly served by public services.
Romania  A company that provides cultural services in the Romanian language to aproximately 90 000 blind people by adapting media materials to their needs.
Serbia An enteprise started through a cooperation between individuals, businesses, public and civil society, which produces and distributes on the streets of Belgrade and Novi Sad a magazine which helps the homeless people.
France A business based on an innovative concept of water-free car washing services by using biodegradable products and employing unqualified or marginalised staff in order to reintegrate them in the labour market.
Hungary A restaurant that employs disabled staff (40 employees) and provides them with training and childcare.
The Netherlands                                                                                                                                                       A company teaches reading using innovative digital tools and a method based on playing. This method is particularly suitable for hyperactive or autistic children but can also be used for illiterate people and immigrants.
Poland A social cooperative comprising of two associations employs long-term unemployed and disabled staff. It provides a variety of services: catering and food services, small construction and handicraft jobs and employability training for disadvantaged people.
UK An enterprise which offer ,homeless and vulnerably housed people, the opportunity to earn a legitimate income. They produce a weekly entertainment and current affairs magazine which they sell for a profit.
Germany  The enterprise organises exhibitions and business workshops in total darkness. Blind guides lead attendees through a completely dark environment, where they learn to interact by relying on other senses than sight. They provide an innovative and proven tool for human resources development, reinforcing a collaborative mindset and emotional intelligence, and challenging prejudices attendees may hold on the capabilities of differenty-abled people. Over 6,000 blind persons have found employment through the social business. 
Denmark  The social business exclusively hires employess with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Autistic people often have extraordinary skills that make them excellent software specialits. This business potenatial can be realized with special understanding and management.
France  The enterprise responds to the needs of around 500,000 deaf people in France. Its mission it to help deaf and hearing impaired individuals to live an independent life and overcome barriers preventing them to attend school, work, access public services, etc., or making these daily activities very complex. The company develops and provides innovative products and services tailored to the needs of these customers.

 The Green Knights is a Bulgarian social enterprise organized around a small bicycle messenger (courier) service. Following the logic of the Triple Bottom Line, the Knights try to be successful and profitable first by being truly environmentally sustainable – delivering express city parcels fast and cheaply by bicycle, and creating no pollution, carbon emission, traffic and street noise in the process.

The Knights take the message further by educating clients on environmental subjects (e.g. by printing environmental trivia on the recycled envelopes they use), tracking individual carbon savings and working to promote casual and commuter bicycle use in the city. The Green Knights also have a socially responsible side – knowing that bicycle couriers hire mostly young people in need of career advancement the Knights have an explicit policy commitment to improve their couriers’ knowledge and skills. This is done through individual soft skills training, career orientation and team building, as well as short-term internships in the company offices of the company clients. In addition, the Knights team has explored and tested opportunities to hire young people from socially disadvantaged background, such as institutionalized youths and minorities who do not have many other chances for an equal career life and a team supportive to their personal development.