Guidelines for Competition

Working Language: English

If participating students arrive at the competition and are not able to speak English, it shall be considered as a breach of the competition rules and they will not be permitted to continue in the competition or the events around it.

Teambuilding and Creativity Exercises: in order to get to know each other and to facilitate efficient teamwork, we will organize ice-breaking activities and creativity exercises to start the event on Monday - October 22nd from 9.00 - 10:00

Advisory Session: Experts from INTEL  will be at the students disposal for an advisory session on their specific area of expertise from 13:00 - 15:00.

Concept Paper: a form for the Concept Paper will be handed to each team. The teams then have to work on this form accordingly until the deadline to hand it in for evaluation on Tuesday, October 23rd  between 13:00 -13:30
Handing in your Concept Paper:  the competing teams have to hand in their business plans (concept papers and the power-point presentations of the solution and one powerpoint slide with an introduction of the team) saved on memory sticks.

Presentations of the solutions: presentations start at 15:00 on October 23rd. All presentations must be made in English. Each group will have to present their solution in front of the jury. Each team will be given 4 minutes to convince the jury.  The time limit must be strictly adhered to.

There are no rules as to content of the presentations and no restrictions on the use of technology. However, the presentation must be “live” (no use of video for example). Technical equipment (microphones, beamer, laptop, etc.) will be available as well as a professional sound system. The teams are allowed to request help from an official JA-YE staff member handling the visual aids from a PC or likewise.

After the 4-minute presentations, teams will need to answer 1 or 2 questions from the jury. Each team will then have max. 2 minutes to answer the questions. Directly thereafter the Jury will select 3 teams to perform in the Final. The finalists (3 teams) will be announced at the Final Awards Ceremony at 16:30 Every team needs to be prepared to perform again in front of the Jury and a bigger audience.

How the teams will be evaluated: the solution will be judged on the following basis:
- The idea should be innovative
- The business plan should be achievable and realistic
- Teamwork

Competition Awards
• Winner
• 2nd place
• 3rd place