About the Competition

Sci-preneurship 24 Hour Student Contest

This contest aims to put ‘innovation and creativity’ with the specific focus on Science, Technology, Engeneering and Maths (STEM) in the spotlight through a partnership between Intel and JA-YE Europe.

Sci-preneurship 24 Hour Student Contest is an intensive experience which engages students from all over Europe in entrepreneurial and collaboration techniques. 32 former participants of both Intel’s InternationalScience and Engineering Fair (ISEF) and from one of JA-YE Europe’s entrepreneurial programmes will take part.

Bringing together a mixed group of young people - some possessing strong STEM  backgrounds, while others who have business and entrepreneurial experiences - will give innovation a multifaceted platform to grow and expand the students’ horizons.



Sci-preneurship 24 Hour Student Contest will take place in Barcelona on October 22nd - 23rd at the Gran Hotel Princesa Sofia.

Sci- preneurship 2012 will be held within the Intel European Research & Innovation Conference ERIC 2012.  The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Building a Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive society through Research and Innovation partnership’ and there will be a number of distinct focus areas included within the event: Social Innovation, Security and Connected Cities, Architecture.



Sci preneurship 2012 -  is a 24 h competition where students come together in multinational teams and learn how to generate and shape ideas within a short deadline. They will be using their knowledge and understanding of the issues that they see around them every day, applying science, ‘entrepreneurial’ and team-working skills to find innovative answers. They will have access to a team of experienced volunteer experts from Intel who will help them develop, build up and finalise their ideas/solutions.

INTEL Experts will be involved  as volunteerst mentors and advisers to the student groups. Their role will be to support students, facilitate the brainstorming process within the team, inspire them with new ideas and solutions, give them professional support etc.

The jury is formed of 5 judges, representatives from the private and public sector. The role of the jury is to evaluate the solutions and presentations from the young contestants.